Monday, April 18, 2016

Great day leading an urban sketching workshop for the Urban Design Center in Raleigh.  This event was video taped and will be uploaded to You Tube as part of the #udctalks.  Nice mix of city planners, landscape architects, transportation engineers, animators, and day dreamers.


  1. good on ya Scott !
    please post the youtube link when its up

    1. will do John! Thanks for the comment. $(@TT

  2. Little Raleigh Radio and Raleigh Sister Cities would like to explore with you and other urban sketchers in Raleigh what interest there might be in volunteering one afternoon in a student sketching experience, like a brief, informal workshop. The effort would join John Ruskin's ethic, Raleigh's Sister city, Hull, UK, our city's community gardens, and students at magnet schools or from the community, served by the community garden.

    I am a volunteer with Raleigh Sister Cities and also a supporter of Little Raleigh Radio (for which I hope to produce occasional local interest stories that have a continuing narrative.) Mark Cleaver in Hull, UK is working on a creati ve communities project in Hull, UK to use the arts as a perception-building device among his city's population, especially as it relates to urban agriculture. I have agreed to help Mark connect Raleigh with his efforts in Hull.

    I would appreciate your guidance about getting started and inquiries from your blog readers, too! Text me and I'll get back.

    Thank you.