Sunday, March 4, 2012

"Urban Sketching"

After discovering the great art of modern "Urban Sketchers".
I have begun to sketch on location as much as possible.  Whether it is watching my son Jacob play or during bus duty at the alternative high school I teach at.  It is a great exercise and I hope to continue doing this as it really focuses all the senses while doing it , and gives a vivid reminder of the event depicted.  Sketching a moving, living breathing object on location pushes you to the limits as an artist.  It keeps your drawing fast and furious, with all the mistakes out in the open.

Festivus Film Festival

A belated post on what an incredible time and experience I had attending the Festivus Film Festival in Denver, Colorado.  My animation "Dias De Los Muertos" was selected to screen in the abstract/experimental block of the festival.  The festival was one of the best run festivals I have had the honor of participating in.  It was such an amazing experience to meet film makers from all around the world and see their work on the big screen.....pure inspiration.  All the staff who worked with the festival where some of the nicest, most sincere and dedicated workers I have dealt with.   Big thanks to them.  Had such a great time with bowling, screenings, and staying up til 5 am in the morning with the "Wiggah" crew making music the night before I had to catch an early morning flight back.  So great to see some old friends there as well.  Will try like crazy to make something worthwhile to submit for next year.