Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wilmington/Fort Fisher, Ghosts, and more

Took a couple day mental break and went solo to Wilmington, North Carolina to sketch and explore. Had a great time eating, sketching, drinking, walking, hearing ghost stories, seeing ghost shadows, visiting historic sites, and soaking up some of the local culture. I came away a believer,... of ghosts that is. Wilmington is definitely a town with ghosts, it has a deep history with the civil war and slaves. I could especially feel them in a bar which the locals told me with sincere belief of seeing ghosts, level 5 of the building being a hot spot. I'm sure I saw a few shadows that weren't there. Fort Fisher was pretty amazing. It was the last fort to fall which sealed the fate of the Confederacy. It fell January 15th, 1865. It still has a few remaining mounds which canons once stood on to protect the blockade runners. $(@TT

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