Thursday, July 21, 2011

San Francisco 2011 Frozen Film Festival

I was lucky enough to have had my stop motion animation "Dias De Los Muertos" chosen to screen at this year's 2011 "Frozen Film Festival".  It meant a lot to me to go back to the city I lived in and continue to love.  It seemed especially momentous since my animation would be screening in the very neighborhood that sparked my love of the "Dia De los Muertos" tradition.  I used to go to the Mission to watch the gatherings and celebrations of the "Day of the Dead", and always came away truly moved and full of intense and beautiful imagery.  It screened at the Roxie Theater, which was just down the road from where I first lived in San Francisco.        

Matt Jones, the wonderful Amy Wilkinson, and I.

Assassinated by Matt Jones.

Matt Jones and I.
A walk to work with Ted House.

Coffee with Noah.
My screening went well, the audience gave it a warm reception.  It always is a bit nerve racking at a screening.  I was excited to meet a great artist I have followed for the last couple years in Matt Jones. In what was supposed to be a quick drink after the screening turned into a day and night full of ...well, let's just say it was awesome.  I was nicely "assassinated" by Matt at one of the bars.  I love his work, even when I am the butt of it.  The next morning I was super lucky to have coffee with Noah Klocek and his daughter.  I have been a big time fan of Noah's work for years, and love his pastel work and pencil sketches.  He was so gracious to take the time out to meet me, and to brush off having my coffee blow onto his lap with the strangest microburst of pacific air either one of us had ever seen.

After coffee, Matt and I went to the DeYoung Museum to meet James Baker to draw from their "Art of New Guinea" collection. I have also followed James' blog and artwork and could not have been more excited to meet him. Big thanks to Matt and James for letting me hang around and draw with them.  We then had Burmese food, book shopped, and ended the day nicely with a couple of drinks and drawing  at "The Bitter End".
Matt and James.
"The Bitter End"
Sadly, the trip had to end.......I couldn't have been happier meeting some great artist who were great people as well.

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